Earth Trek

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and exploring new places. I remember when I was a kid I was totally fascinated by the image of a vagrant with a knapsack on a stick and the adventures that he surely must be having.

Further fueled by famous books such as ‘the Hobbit’ where characters travel worlds in order to fulfill a quest I seized my first opportunity of exploring the world myself when I joined an exchange program that allowed me to attend American High School for a year. Granted, it wasn’t my fantasy location of New York or Chicago (major Bulls fan here), but in the more rural state of Kentucky. Nevertheless it was a grand adventure that for a big part shaped me to be the person I am today and where I was fortunate enough to meet people that turned out to be friends for life.

This experience sparked my desire for travel even more and I decided to join an International Business School so I could maximize my opportunities for exploration. Academically I wasn’t too interested, but I seized a lot of the opportunities where I got to travel a lot and in doing so I have seen many corners of the world. Out of all these experiences I have to say the time I spend in Suriname might be the most precious (extended my ticket 3 times before being forced back home to graduate).

After this the typical boy meets girl story made its entrance and for a long time I tried to settle for the conventional dream that people tell me everyone should have. Get a career, buy a house, get married, get kids. You know the one I’m speaking off. Nothing wrong with this of course and I am sure that one day I will settle back into this when the time is right. But as you can guess, at the time it wasn’t and eventually me and the girl drifted apart.

So there I was, single and in a job that wasn’t offering me any satisfaction and not knowing what other job would be better. I spoke to a good friend of mine and after my normal ‘mantra’ response of ‘almost weekend'(it was a Tuesday) to the ‘how are you doing question?’ he posed me the somewhat cliche question: ‘if money wasn’t an option, what would you be doing?’. Without a moments thought I blurted out: travel! This caused the seed to be planted and I started to wonder if this could really be something I could do.

Months and months of reading and planning followed and a sense of determination I have rarely experienced came over me. I took on a second job, started saving as much as I could and one day it became reality: Earth Trek.

The name comes from the nerdy aspect of my personality, even though I’m no trekkie (Star Wars all the way, but Earth Wars didn’t seem to fit the bill). Exploring earth instead of space quickly led to Earth Trek and so it was born.

Now I am scouring the globe, meeting new people and exploring new places, with nothing but a massive bucket list to guide my way.

I’m hoping to capture the beauty and magnificence of this amazing planet and it’s people and share it with you. In doing so I’m hoping to be a voice against the forces of segregation and hate that are seeming to be rampant nowadays. We are all one and we all have to make it work on this planet together.

God bless and praise the Lord for all that he makes possible and a special shout out to my family who have been nothing but supportive from day one. Lobi!

PS Below you’ll find a map of all the places I have visited so far